Thursday, October 21, 2004

Good News And Bad News.... No Seriously, Pick The Good News

Bad news first, I guess. I told you to pick the good news!! Follow directions next time! God, do I have to track you down and beat you? (I thought we had this discussion already, I'm not crazy....) Well, anyway, Dan likes Lyndsey. And you all knew that before me... I know. I should have known yesterday... but I didn't. Actually, I probably did, I was just totally in denial. Denial SUCKS!! How could I not have known it?!?! I'm so pissed off at myself! GOD, I am such a fucking retard. Even Nick knew today, just by guessing. I also wrote a very strange hate-poem today in Geometry about spider webs..... scary. Remind me to post it sometime. I promised you hate-poems, right? Well, here you go, I'll post it now. You'll just forget. Just don't freak out too much, guys:

Spider webs

I feel like a fly
A small insignificant insect
Not important in any way
Except for you to prey on

You're like a spider
Mysteriously beautiful
Enticing and Inviting
Waiting for me to fall into your trap

You're love is like a spider web
The sticky, deadly trap
Invisible until it's too late
Until you're stuck
And there's no way out
Until you kill me
You claim me, my insides
My heart
I'm crushed

But I'm free
Without even knowing it
That is, until I'm reeled back in

You must love the sport,
The taste,
The feel of my heart in your hands
Or else you would let me be free
Oh, what a tangled web we weave.

Now for the good news. (Since I probably scared you all away w/ my scary poem.. haha) Anyway, Nick rode the bus home, which made me very happy. We listened to freaky Queen songs while he danced and sang for the whole bus. Now that's scary... lol. Just kidding. Oh yeah, he's going trick-or-treating w/ me which also makes me very happy. I know he doesn't really want to, which he admitted, but he doesn't want to hurt my feelings, which I thought was nice. I gave him a big hug so I guess he knows I appreciate it :o)!! Haha, I just remembered, Nick promised me a collection of music videos of him dancing and singing Queen songs (he also promised pole dancing in them... kinky?... or scary?...... :o....) (<--- actually it's probably both...) for my birthday. Which btw, is in August, so he probably won't remember. But it's the thought that counts, right?

Playing on iTunes right now: There's No Solution by Sum 41


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