Tuesday, October 26, 2004

We're All Going To Burn!!!

Wow. This is the first time I've updated my blog with nothing important/ depressing to say! Holy shit, what a change.

I am so incredibly psyched for the Phantom of the Opera movie!! Ugh! It's killing me! It comes out on Christmas and I've been dying for a month now! I finally heard the Phantom and Christine sing (for like 30 seconds) and it was still amazing! Anyway, before you all run away from my scary obsession-ism (I love my grammar :D) I should probably change the subject... but to what??? Wait! Before I change the subject, I must tell you, I'm making a Phantom of the Opera pumpkin this year! (I told you I should change the subject.)

I wore a skirt yesterday. That was interesting, I must say. For those of you that don't know me (oh wait, none of you know me.....) I never wear skirts. Except for one exception, and that is when I have to dress up. The last time I wore a skirt was on Tacky Formal day for Homecoming Spirit week at my school and that doesn't really count, now does it? The last time before that was probably my Grandpa's funeral which was two years ago. And yesterday, I wore one completely willingly. Scary..... when I start looking like a prep, you should all become very, very scared. And then you should kill me because I would probably be out of my mind. Thank you.

What else is there to say? Halloween will be cool, Nick is going..... and I already told you that. Well, it just goes to show you how happy it really makes me. Dan needs to still make up his fucking mind, god dammit. His indecisiveness is really beginning to piss me off!! I asked him a month ago, and he still hasn't given me a fucking straight answer.

Oh wait, I do have something to tell you! Ha! The highlight of my day. Anyway, I was in first hour, and when I left I realizes I forgot my purse. If I went to get it, I'd be late for second hour and I had a geometry test, so that would not be good. So I went to second hour and frantically started counting down the minutes until passing time when I could rush to Mr. Koch's room and get my purse back. Unbeknownst to me, there was a fire drill. Usually we are warned of these pain in the asses before they actually occur, but today they did not. So we all filed out of school to freeze our asses off (oh wait, mine's still there) and wait till they let us back in. Suddenly, Fire Rescue guys pulled up, and that's when I started thinking, what if this is a real fire! My purse is in there. And my iPod (which I'm not allowed to ring to school) is in my purse! My iPod is going to burn! I'm going to die when I get home and explain this to my parents. It turns out, it wasn't a real fire (duh) and after second hour I rushed in to Mr. Koch (my honor's english teacher)'s room, picked up my purse and nonchalantly covered for being in his room by asking him if he thought I would be wasting his time by conferencing on my paper (which I got a 97 on). He basically said yes, which also pissed me off. But Mr. Koch is cool. At least we finished Back To the Future today.

playing on iTunes right now (since my iPod is not burnt to a crisp :D): The Phantom of the Opera by Sarah Brightman and Michael Crawford


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