Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Bad Case of a Broken Heart

Sorry guys, I haven't updated you in a while. Well, I think I've finally convinced myself that Dan is not worth all the trouble I make him out to be. I shouldn't beat myself up about him, should I?

Remember Andy, you guys? Did I tell you he has a girlfriend? Did I tell you it kills me every time I see them together? Andy.... wow. I liked him in fourth grade. And fifth. And sixth. He was the first guy I thought I could just erase my feelings for. How wrong I was... I just can't believe what I feel right now. I love the way he makes me feel. But I hate that he's going out with Karlyn. He jokes with me more, and I can tell, he's more comfortable around me. And he also stalks me for my locker com. I just wish he felt something. I just wish it wasn't this complicated. Love is a battle field, in the classic '80's song. But what if I don't fell like fighting?

playing on iTunes right now: Castle on the Clouds by the Les Miserables Original Cast


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