Monday, November 01, 2004

Crazily Creative

Before I begin, I must say: TWENTY-TWO MORE DAYS!!!!! Let me explain my logic, the POTO soundtrack comes out Nov. 23, so 22 days from today.... Are we all on the same page? Yes, yes, then I shall continue.

I am "so creative it's crazy" according to Ashley. I currently have a purse made from a pair of jeans and my latest creation....... straw bracelets! Made of straws!!!! Remind me to post pictures. That's what you do on a blog, right? Omg, back to POTO (just for a second) wait...(what did I say about my obsession..... I DID warn you.) Anyway, out of parenthesis, I have officially heard almost all of the highlght songs from the movie!!! Legally!!! (I think...)

I have a plan. Yes, I really do. Andy is trying to find my locker com (and #, what a stalker) oh yeah, he almost did find it today in history. He looked through every single page of my agenda. (I said he was a stalker...) So sometimes I wonder if he likes his girlfriend or someone else (I wonder who that could be...) In retrograde, I liked him for a long time. Three years to be exact. And feelings like that don't really go away. Especially when they are reciprocated. Anyway, I've decided that if he wants my com, he has to give me his. So there. Take that you stalker!!!!!

Playing on the internet right now (since I can't get it on iTunes): Learn To Be Lonely by Minnie Driver (credit song for POTO)


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