Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Dancing Through Life

Guess what?!!! It's snowing!! I'm so excited! I don't know anyone that doesn't get excited by the first snow of the season. I guess we'll have a white Thanksgiving this year. That may be strange (somehow I shouldn't be surprised... I do live in Michigan after all. That pretty much means about 5 months of cold, crappy weather) Then again, Thanksgiving HAS to be wierd if my dad's side of the family is coming to celebrate. Let's just say there's a pretty big animosity floating around between them and my mother.... who offered to do this.... Should I be worried? We'll see.

Today was so incredibly wonderful, I can't even describe the kind of elation I experianced today. There must be a God because He must have taken over Leah's mother to let her shadow me today at school. Yeah... Leah's mom is a bitch. On Sunday, Leah and I were at Starbucks celebrating her birthday and at five o' clock when we decided to go home, Leah's mom told her to walk home. And it was fucking cold too. But anyway, Leah accompanied me to all of my classes today. It was great to have someone with me who could understand anything I could throw at her, even my secret about Andy which I've finally come to terms with. I was pretty much walking on air all day.


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