Monday, November 15, 2004

Sam's Day Off

Yup, I'm not feeling too well today. Ok, scratch that, I pretty much feel like shit. I wasn't feeling well on Friday (remember my headache to end all headaches?). So yeah, I've pretty much hung out with my couch and TV this weekend, which I extended to today! I can't breathe out of my nose and my throat pretty much burns whenever I have to do anything that requires it in any way. This includes drinking, eating, talking, singing, and yes, breathing. Aren't sick days so much fun? You know you want the day off. You know you're so totally jealous, just admit it. That's ok. I totally understand, sick days are only really fun when you're faking it and you get away with it. At least I didn't have to go to Spanish. Or history. Or science. Or band. Wow, I didn't miss school at all. Except I'm no where near getting Leah's present done, so tomorrow I need to get my photo-taking ass in gear. I'm sick of whining now. I have your sympathy (shut up, I know you don't really care) so yeah. I'm gonna go back under the covers now. I think a Gilmore Girls re-run may be on! Yeah.

P.S. When the highlight of your day is a Gilmore Girls re-run, please, please, get help. Get off your ass and do something. Unless you're sick, then just roll over, don't watch and fall asleep. I understand. And it's understandable if you have the Kleenex's right next to you, but when you watch Playhouse Disney, that's just sad. Get off your ass and go to the fucking bathroom or something!

playing right now on iTunes: La La by Ashlee Simpson


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