Tuesday, November 02, 2004

There's No Solution

He sat up against my locker today, just before fourth hour. As I walked down the hall, he was looking around, attempting to spot something (or someone). Finally giving up, he leaned there and decided to wait. I thought about this fact, noting that he hadn't waited for me before fourth hour in the past week. I finally made it to my locker and he gave me a warm smile. I stood there, looking at him the same way he was looking at me wondering if I had truly given up on him as I had decided the previous night. "Oh, is this your locker?" he asked after a couple of seconds.
"Yes, as a matter of fact, it is."
"Really... do you want me to move?" (He was covering my entire locker so that it would be impossible to open unless I forcefully moved his ass)
"No, I have a couple of minutes. In a minute you can move."
"Oh, okay."
"Okay, now you can move."
"You said I had a minute."
"I meant until it turned to 11:28."
"That's not what you said."
"But that's what I meant." (keep in mind, all of this has gone on with a goofy smile on my face)
Taking the matter into my own hands (as he had moved a bit) I started to turn the dial repeating my com over in my head so I wouldn't forget.
"Whoa, why'd you just touch my butt?" (I hadn't really)
"Because I want you." I answered, not looking at him, but instead grabbing my American Studies book.
"I know." he just smiled once again.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
How does he do this. How is it that every time I give up on him, he always comes up and makes me fall for him all over again? And every time I decide he's the one for me, he backs off. What's the problem here? Is it me or him? And why can't I tell?

Playing on iTunes right now: Freedom Fighters by The Music

P.S. Viva Bush!!!! (Even if he is losing at the moment)


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