Saturday, January 08, 2005

You're A Bitch. But I Don't Hate You Or Anything

Ben is going to go out with Caroline. He's so excited, it's hilarious. She's going with a group of his friends all in couples. My little Ben is all grown up and dating! "Wait, Sam, what if she puts her hand on the arm rest? Does that mean I should grab it?" "Ben, how the fuck should I know? I'm not Caroline." He needs his own personal girl-advisor.

So, basically, that's what we were talking about at lunch on Friday when suddenly I opened my mouth and told him that I really can not stand Caroline. Not that he's supposed to care, but I like to say what's on my mind sometimes. Like then. Anyway, he said that she didn't like me either. Big fucking suprise there. No wonder she's such a bitch. But, anyway, he then continued to tell me that, actually, many people he knows don't like me. Which was news to me. "Wait, who doesn't like me...." And so he proceeded to name off a list off preppy bitches that I hate anyway, most of which like to go get drunk and further lower their IQ. And I ceased to care. I just hate the way that they apparently wish they could slit my neck but never, ever have I even gotten a dirty look or anything. WTF??!! If you hate me, come tell me alright? Say it to my fucking face and maybe I won't have to kick your ass. Maybe.

Anyway, I finally have a pic of my beautiful straw bracelt which is my baby (and is now drying from the glue I put on it.)
I'm crazy. And the best part is.... I know it.

Playing on iTunes right now: Mr. Brightside by The Killers